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Leaguers in Action

Our mission is to provide tools and resources to
empower civic minded individuals and groups so they are informed and prepared to participate
in government and politics.

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Action without Knowledge is futile and Knowledge without Action is useless ~ Abu Bakr

In line with the vision and mission of the League of Women Voters of Orange County, Leaguers in Action has endeavored to create educational outreach and civic networking events targeted at maximizing advocacy efforts while promoting the intrinsic value of LVW initiatives in our communities.

Weekly meetings: Mondays
Location: Conference Call

Interested in becoming a Leaguer?  Contact Chairperson Reanna Stout HERE
Members ONLY:  Visit our Forum to stay up-to-date with our activities and announcements.
Our 2018-2019 Program Goals were reached after careful consideration at our annual meeting.

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Wednesday Workshop Series 

In partnership with community leaders, our Wednesday Workshop Series is aimed at bridging the gap between problems and solutions impacting communities today. We accomplish this by educating Central Florida residents on effective ways to promote their causes and engage in advocacy.

Are you looking for HOW to stay involved or hone your Advocacy skills?
Leaguers in Action is here to address that skills gap and empower you to take action. Our series is focused on breaking down the various elements of Advocacy and creating customized workshops that bring valued experience and action to the learning environment. You'll leave our workshops feeling informed, empowered, and prepared to tackle challenges head-on!
NOTICE: Videography is prohibited during events without prior permission. All media materials MUST be reviewed and approved by Leaguers In Action prior to public release.
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Central Florida's most conscientious Happy Hour!

Leaguers In Action brings you a modern-day symposium. The series brings together knowledgeable change-makers and passionate locals to network and discuss today's biggest issues.

Register for our JULY 17 Speak Easy HERE


Do you crave conscientious conversations around today's most relevant topics? Are you looking for a relaxed atmosphere where you can engage with knowledgeable and passionate advocates while supporting local businesses? 
Leaguers In Action has the events you're looking for! Our Speak Easy with the League Series is a targeted approach to education on a given topic through networking and guided conversation. We accomplish this by collaborating and partnering with a LWVOC Action Group who bring the knowledge, information, and expertise to the conversation. We extend LWV's reach into the community by partnering with local business to host these events throughout Central Florida. You'll leave our Speak Easy with the latest and most thorough, accurate information on a topic and the knowledge that there are many people in your community who share your passion for knowledge in action.