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Government Committee

We research best practices and advocate for government improvements and government in the sunshine.   Our discussions are about political issues that affect Central Florida; these lead to studies and recommended action on the selected issues.

We manage  Observer Corps and attend government meetings, reporting back to the membership.  Also, we support advocacy efforts that include meeting with lawmakers as well as developing  League positions on issues ranging from election laws to finance and taxation.
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The basis of our political system is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government. ~George Washington

Government Committee Monthly Meetings
Due to Covid-19, in person meetings have been suspended. 
Contact Committee Chairpersons below for virtual meeting information.

Become a committee member by contacting our Chairpersons HERE
Members ONLY:  Visit our Forum to stay up-to-date with our activities and announcements.
Our 2020-2021 Program Goals were reached after careful consideration at our Annual Meeting.

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Upcoming Events 

Check LWVOC calendar

Topics of Interest

NEW Sub-Committee has formed!

NPV~National Public Vote

Contact Chairperson Anne Coppenhaver if you are interested in joining or have questions.

Visit LWV FL National Public Vote  page to learn more about the topic and the position held since 1970 from the League of Women Voters.


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 To view committee documents (some are for members only) click below to visit:

Document Library  (Remember to click the YELLOW folder icons for Advocacy and then, Government Committee to see documents)

Government Committee

Program Goals/Priorities for FY 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 year includes August primary election, November election, amendments on ballots, and the beginning of redistricting.

Number 1 – In order to provide timely, accurate and current information on local Orange County Government form, consider and write a list of supported concepts for Orange County Government, so we will be able to respond promptly in the future.

Number 2 –Since governments benefit from knowing they are being regularly watched, continue efforts of Observer Corps volunteers and reports for 13 governing boards. 

Number 3 – As the Orange County Charter Review Commission (CRC) can put issues directly on the 11/2020 ballot changing our form of local government, continue to monitor the CRC and its committees, and prepare position education materials for any items placed on the 11/2020 ballot. 

Number 4 – As election security is an issue of on-going concern, consider possibilities for enhancing election security in Orange County.