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Commission on Local Debates

Published on 11/5/2017

Commission on Local Debates

The Commission on Local Debates (CLD) is a new nonprofit that is dedicated to increasing voter engagement by supporting and expanding quality political debates. CLD can help promote the great work that is already being done by LWVOC by partnering on debates and making content available online to general voters outside League membership.

CLD’s foremost mission is to engage voters who are currently unengaged - by bringing civic engagement education to them. It’s board of community leaders, including LWVOC Director of Partnerships Sara Isaac, ensures that this platform can be considered a credible source for all voters.
The CLD remains nonpartisan by maintaining a board of directors membership ratio that is equal parts Republican and Democrat, with an odd number and at least 10% of the overall board not being affiliated with either of those parties. All board members are required to have maintained their current party affiliation for at least two years before joining a local and/or state board.
For example, if a board of directors has five Republican members, it also must have five Democratic board members. There must also be an odd number (one, three, five, etc.) third party or independent board member that serve as tie breaking vote.

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