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Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

Published on 1/31/2018

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Where do your taxes go?
The Sentinel's special report, Schools without Rules, highlighted problems in the voucher programs created by the Florida legislature. One of these programs provides the Florida Tax Credit Scholarships, vouchers, to private schools paid for with diverted tax money. It was designed for low-income families who want to send their children to private schools.

The LWVOC Education Committee has been researching the FTC program for the past several years. We have even more concerns than those mentioned in the Sentinel article. We created a PowerPoint to explain the FTC program and presented it to the Orlando Breakfast Rotary on Dec. 12, 2017. They were quite interested.

LWVFL revised our PowerPoint, and it is now available to the Speakers Bureau.

SB 1756, before the legislature right now, attempts to change some of the provisions in the current law for the better - more school visits, better teacher qualifications, better fire and health reports, etc. are requirements in this bill by Sen. Simmons.

Watch for more articles here and in the Sentinel about these voucher programs.