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Nancy Rudner Healthcare Opinion Piece

Published on 5/30/2018

"Florida ranks 49th, in access and affordability of health care--and in avoidable use and costs, two heads of the same snake. When Floridians cannot get care, they end up with high cost hospital care for preventable conditions. A worker with hypertension and no access to a provider can end up in the hospital--and maybe a nursing home--with a totally preventable stroke. The cost of that uncompensated (unpaid) care is paid indirectly by our high insurance premiums and fees. We are paying on the wrong side of the health care equation. Instead of having easy, inexpensive access to preventive care for all, we end up paying for high cost, late sick care.

It does not have to be that way. We can close the coverage gap through the health care reform act (ACA) but local, state, and federal politicians sabotaged true health care reform for political gain.  It hurts all of us. The states that used federal dollars to close the coverage gap have not only increased coverage and access to care, but also reduced uncompensated emergency and hospital care.

It is an outrage is that too many families go without care until they are very sick. The Sentinel editorial “Low health ranking calls for action” points out this is a political football that is hurting Floridians.  It is time for action. Let’s hold the politicians accountable, and ask what they are doing to improve access, affordability, and prevention care for all of us."