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New GOV Sub-Committee, Nat'l Public Vote-NPV

Published on 11/8/2018

NPV, National Public Vote Committee

A new sub-committee of the Government Committee, NPV, will be holding its first organizational meeting on NOV 13, Tuesday, 5-6:00 PM

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Find out more about the NPV from our state site:

How long has the national LWV of the USA had a position on NPV?  

A League study of the presidential electoral process culminated in a 1970 position supporting direct election of the President by popular vote as essential to representative government. The League testified and lobbied for legislation to amend the Constitution to replace the Electoral College with direct election of the President, including provisions for a national runoff election in the event no candidates (President or VicePresident) received 40 percent of the vote. The measure, which passed the House and nearly passed the Senate in 1971, has been revived in each Congress without success.