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Amendment 4 Update

Published on 11/6/2019
The League is still registering voters and encouraging everyone to register to vote. If you have a returning citizen and they have completed all of their written sentence they should register to vote. If they have any questions about the completion of their sentence, then they should research it themselves or contact FRRC for assistance. The league is providing training for attorneys and advocates to be able to assist returning citizens and FRRC is matching up returning citizens with the trained attorneys and advocates. 

In short. the League is both litigating to limit the negative impacts of SB 7066 which constricts Amendment 4,  while at the same time, we are trying to educate attorneys and other volunteers about how they can help returning citizens regain their right to vote through the court system. We have created  a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) webinar on assisting persons with felony convictions be able to register to vote. The Fla Bar has approved it for 2 hours CLE credit for attorneys. Non-attorneys are also welcome to take the webinar. A link to register for the course can be found here:

You can find more information on Amendment 4 and what the League is getting done here. Also attached is a summary of  Amendment 4 litigation.  In addition, a Washington Post article on Judge Hinkle's order temporarily restraining portions of SB 7066, which was impacting Amendment 4, can be found here . There is a terrific quote from our president Patti Brigham in the Wash Post article.


In addition, you can watch the oral argument, live, before the Florida Supreme Court, about whether Amendment 4 requires the payment of all fines and fees before registering to vote, on your computer at 9:00 am November 6th by clicking on this link:

Read the Summary Hinkle Order for Amendment 4