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"Did you Know" Yearly Trivia

Ann Patton | Published on 4/9/2020



  • During calendar year 2019, the Voter Services Action Group registered 1,121 new voters, including high school students, and updated registration data for another 47 voters, during 44 events throughout Orange County.

  • Hot Topics hosted 1,300 participants in monthly luncheon meetings during April 2019 through March 2020.

  • The LWVOC vastly improved its management structure, developing its first strategic plan and a policies and procedures manual, improving committee support infrastructure, and proposing a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible position for the LWVOC.

  • In celebration of our precious right to vote and the Centennial of women’s suffrage, the History Committee published the League’s beautiful Warriors for Democracy history book, planted a live oak tree named The Voter, and sponsored 30 education and celebratory events with more than 1,800 participants.

These milestones and many more accomplishments and activities are summarized in a new year-end report, “Making a Difference, 2019-2020.”  

The History Committee has prepared this year-end report as a step toward documenting LWVOC milestones and highlights. We expect the LWVOC will issue similar reports every year.

You can find this year’s report on the Bulletin Board of this website, at this link:_2019-2020 Year End Report.  For more details about the LWVOC’s activities, plan to attend the virtual Annual Meeting, April 23, 2020 and REGISTER HERE: Virtual LWVOC ANNUAL MEETING - 4/23/2020