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LWVFL Weekly Training Schedule for Election Protection

Published on 8/10/2020

Take action and become a volunteer for "Election Protection"


Past Recorded Webinars

United States Postal Service with Tammy Patrick

  1. Tammy’s Presentation (Attached)

  2. Election-line article by Tammy on the new Post Master General directive

  3. Bipartisan Policy Center Report: Logical Election Policy (Attached)

  4. Election Performance Index – MIT non-partisan, objective measure of how well each state is faring in managing national elections

  5. Ebenchbook –nonpartisan resource for state election codes

  6. Dropbox: Zoom recording of the briefing as well as the attached resources.

Training for Trainers: Digital Election Protection with GQR and Common Cause

  1. GQR Message Guide for Voter Suppression

  2. Training for Trainers Election Protection

  3. Combating Voter Suppression Leave Behind.

  4. Link to Video

Everything you need to know to be a Volunteer Social Media Monitor!

STEP 1: Review our materials

  • Social Media Monitoring Toolkit

  • Social Media Monitoring Quiz

STEP 2: Get started

  • Social Media Monitoring Volunteer Sign Up:

  • Join our Slack:

  • Note: Individual shift sign ups will be posted in slack for each primary and the general election

STEP 3: During your shift

  • List of Facebook groups to join and hashtags to follow (coming soon!!)

  • Social Media Monitoring Incident Report Form:

  • Social Media Monitoring: How Did It Go?

Other useful resources:

  • Connecting on

  • How to take a screenshot on any device