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Outdoor GOTV Events

Published on 10/15/2020

The League’s endorsement of all three Orange County Charter Amendments gives us an urgent reason to help Get Out The Vote this weekend! Early Voting starts on Monday so NOW is the time to come out and RALLY the forces!

Choose from two outdoor events; one that’s an opportunity to help Early Voters find their way to the polls while the other encourages a Yes! Vote for all 3 Charter Amendments! We’ll be following social distancing guidelines and the weather is going to be ideal! Come to one or come to both, but please come. Enthusiasm is contagious and yours is needed!

This Saturday, 10/17, from 9:00-3:00 at MEAD GARDENS
This annual Native Plant Society event usually draws between 400-600 people. You'll enjoy the gardens and have an opportunity to buy some native plants for your home and to learn about the ecosystems in which they thrive. Lots of fun! If you can join us at the League's tent & GOTV table, please let Kay Hudson (497-432-2364) know what time you have to share.

This Sunday, 10/18, from 2:00-4:00
1201 W. 20th St. at Holden Heights Community Center
We had such success with our first Caravan & Sign Waving Rally that we just have to do it again! This time, we'll spend more time Sign Waving than driving through town. We'll start our rally with music, friends and bubbles while waving our Charter Amendments signs and our Vote Early Signs. Then, we'll finish up the event with more good fun at the corner of Church Street and the Trail ending at Broken String Brewery to slake our thirst for victory! Please wear a blue shirt to this event. 

Here's a link to Sunday's event map.