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New Hope for the ERA

Today (3/17/21) the US House of Representatives voted to advance the Equal Rights Amendment by removing its arbitrary ratification deadline. This is an important step towards adding the ERA to the Constitution and creating a more equal democracy. 

Thank you to all our members and supporters for reaching out to your representatives to support this legislation. 

The ERA was created to ensure that all women are protected from discrimination under the law. Since its 1972 passage in Congress, the League has campaigned to make it an official part of our Constitution. 

American women need the ERA now more than ever. With the onset of COVID-19, women, particularly women of color, are experiencing disproportionately high rates of job loss. Issues like equal pay, maternal healthcare, and discrimination against LGBTQ+ persons affect millions of us daily. The ERA will pave the way for further legislative progress on issues like these, allowing courts to closely scrutinize cases of sex-based discrimination. 


Today, we celebrate the House’s vote, but tomorrow our fight moves to the Senate. 

Stay up to date on the League’s work to advance the ERA by joining OutreachCircle, our digital organizing tool. Just search for “League of Women Voters US,” or use our code “TQF340.” 

You can also support our work to establish equal rights by making a gift to our advocacy team. 

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring equality under the law. 

With thanks,



Dr. Deborah Ann Turner
President, LWVUS