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LWVFL Leaders Call/Election Bills-Attack on Election System

Published on 3/24/2021
Click below to view the recent Zoom meeting featuring State President Patricia Brigham and LWVFL Board member Peggy Quince:

Discussion of Election Bills

Top Priority Opposition  Election Changes Legislation

Concerning developments have been made through efforts to modify our elections process in Florida.

A 44-page bill filled with changes to the state elections code surfaced only last Thursday afternoon and was publicly debated for the first time Monday morning in the House Public Integrity and Elections Committee.

Among many other changes, the bill would require tighter security and mandatory photo IDs for voters who use drop boxes, and mail ballots could be returned only by an immediate family member or someone who can prove residency at the same address. Election supervisors could face $25,000 fines if they use drop boxes without in-person surveillance. Supervisors have many problems with the bill and predict it will cause confusion and long lines at the polls next year.

The Florida League proudly hosted a press event outlining all the problems with the newly filed legislation and Senate Bill 90. The press event was held alongside other nonpartisan voting organizations including NAACP Florida State Conference, ACLU of Florida, Common Cause Florida and All Voting Is Local. Click here to watch a recording of the virtual press event.

The House Bill was introduced as a committee bill and at the time was dubbed as "PIE5." The bill has now been given an official bill number and will be known as HB 7041.

The League will continue to harness our power to try and defeat HB 7041, SB 90 or any other legislation that could negatively impact voters or complicate voting in Florida.