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A Message from the new LWVOC Co-Presidents

Published on 4/29/2021

As your 2021-2022 co-presidents, we are honored to have earned the confidence of the LWVOC. Along with this year’s Board of Directors, we look forward to serving you in the coming year. 


During their co-presidency, Gloria and Sandi have done an inspired job of creating the infrastructure an organization of our size requires. By initiating both strategic processes, we have a streamlined roadmap to follow. In addition, the board has worked hard to guide behind-the-scenes organizational work on the nuts and bolts of what we do to create an easy access repository documenting the work of the league, making committee operations more efficient and allowing future members a record to help guide their actions. Gloria and Sandi’s work to establish the 501c3 designation will pay financial dividends well into the future.  In short, their legacy will be felt for years to come and we give a heartfelt thank you to our predecessors for their diligent leadership and leaving our League with a sturdy foundation from which soar to in our next 80 years! 


As we look ahead, in this year of cautious recovery from COVID and with no major elections on the calendar, we believe there is a unique opportunity to focus on areas that may not receive as much attention in election years due to the heavy workload required of our membership during election season.  We invite you to turn your attention to the advocacy committees and the important work being done by each. Their collective knowledge of the issues and connections within the community are an important strength. Excellent work has been done to increase the number of relationships forged with grass roots groups and community leaders by many of our committees.

We hope to increase the synergy between committees and capitalize on the community connections built through their work. From these, we can both leverage our reach in preparation for the 2022 elections and continue to increase the diversity of our membership. If you are not yet a committee member, now is the time to find a home as these groups are truly the trenches of where League work gets done!


Finally, we hope to strengthen communication both within the membership and to the community at large. More robust use of technology and methods of communication are increasingly required to reach our target audiences with the League’s messages. This kind of outreach will give recognition to our brand, strengthen our voice and help us to build a more diverse membership.


We are thrilled to be beginning our year as your co-presidents. We will strive to empower voters and defend democracy in our community. We will do our best to serve the League and our members. As a 100% volunteer organization, we are all working hard to accomplish our common goals. We need your continued support and most importantly your participation to make these goals a reality.




Barbara Lanning and Sue Gilman