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Exhibit Sponsorship of 1st Annual NAACP Our Family Table

Published on 11/17/2021

LWVOC becomes an exhibit sponsor for 1st Annual NAACP Thanksgiving Community Event "Our Family Table"

Barbara Granade, Joan Erwin, Kay Hudson, Laura Walker, Sue Gilman, Virginia Meany, Nancy Nix and Terry Osborne.  Joy Dickinson paid and planned to come and at the last minute something came up and she could not join.
Also, Nancy and Terry saved the day!  They went to the storage room to pick up the VS Supplies and the power was out so they couldn't get in!  After a quick think they ran to the Supervisor of Elections office where they kindly outfitted us with numerous supplies and giveaway items.  So thanks to them (it does take a village or at least the can do spirit of a Leaguer!)
In addition, the NAACP sent the following TV report link.  

The generous donation from Shelton Granade Jr. and Betsy Granade assisted the LWVOC to obtain a sponsored exhibit table for the event; other League members then stepped up with more donations ensuring we were well-covered for the event.

Click to see photo album: Our Family Table Sponsorship