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SB 90 & Redistricting Updates

Published on 11/17/2021
SB 90 /Redistricting Task Force
At this month's Board Meeting we received an update from our Task Force (composed of VS, Government and Speakers Bureau).

State levelfirst versions of FL Senate district and Senate’s version of congressional district maps have been released.  Not as bad as feared.  Lots of “sausage-making” yet to happen.  House maps not yet released.


County level, one meeting 11/15 at Goldenrod Rec Center for District 5, then District 3-4 meetings at Barnett Park to finish selection/discussion of maps and approve map to be considered by Board of County Commissioners by no later than 12/13.  Limited in person comments and electronic comments not reviewed during meetings, only mentioned.  BCC will consider recommended map and make revisions, then approve final map by no later than 3/31 – but probably will complete process by mid-Feb. Redistricting 2021 - Upcoming Meetings (


School Board level,  two more “district meetings (Freedom High School District 3 on 11/17 and Apopka High District 7 on 12/1).  Then two meetings to approve maps to be considered by School Board.  12/14 and 17, School Board to review recommendations, make revisions and approve maps by no later than 12/17. (Meeting Schedule - Orange County Public Schools (



No real updates as legal work continues, but at this website, you can read all the back and forth of legal pleadings etc.

LWVOC Presentations on SB 90 include:

Saudi Ellis, SB90, Orange County African American Employee Network
Carol Foglesong, Redistricting, American Association of University Women
Gina Hall, SB90, Delta Sigma Theta
Denise Burton & Kathy SheerinSB90 for the Orange County History Center.