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Commemorating MLK Day

Published on 1/12/2022

Commemorating Martin Luther King Day


Since it will not be easy for all of us to gather in person for a service project this year in honor of Martin Luther King Day we tried to think of a way our League could celebrate (safely) in the spirit of the day.  What better way than to reach out to our elected officials in support of voting rights, a cause that Dr. King and others fought for so long and with such fierce dedication?  Since the Senate will soon consider voting rights, the time is right for all citizens to make their wishes known!


To make it as easy as possible we have provided you with LWV-approved text and talking points if you wish to create your own message.  If you use social media please tag @lwvoc


Contacts for our US Senators:

Office of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
201 South Orange Avenue, Suite 350
Orlando, Florida 32801

Phone: (407) 254-2573 or toll free in Florida 1-866-630-7106


Twitter:  @marcorubio


Office Of U.S. Senator Rick Scott

225 East Robinson St, Suite 410

Orlando, FL. 32801

Tel:  (407) 872-7161



Twitter: @SenRickScott




Happy New Year! I am writing to ask you to make passing federal voting rights protections your first resolution in this new year. Voting rights reforms are fundamentally needed to protect our democratic system by expanding voting rights and accessibility, addressing historic barriers to voting, holding bad actors accountable, and ensuring that our democracy serves all Americans. 


Only through transformative federal voting rights reforms can we ensure the fair representation and healthy democracy the American people want and deserve. I implore you to stand with your constituents in defense of our democracy by passing national standards for voting and ending discrimination of voters.


It is time to put power back in the hands of the American people. Federal voting rights reforms will ensure voters get to pick their politicians, expand access to the polls, and guarantee the freedom to vote for every American. As your constituent, I implore you to SUPPORT these crucially needed federal voting rights reforms.


Thank you,  

Your Name


Talking points:


The League of Women Voters supports legislation that empowers Americans to participate in the voting process. These include: 

  • The Freedom to Vote Act: This bill would expand voting rights by expanding early voting and same-day and online registration, creating standards for upholding voter rolls, and authorizing voter registration at new-citizen naturalization ceremonies.
  • The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act: The John Lewis VRAA would restore and strengthen aspects of the bipartisanVoting Rights Act of 1965, enabling Americans to protect themselves from voting laws that discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, and other factors. 

Federal voting rights reforms are essential to the health of our democracy. The American people want and deserve reforms that will:

  • Protect and ensure the freedom to vote;
  • Address historical barriers to voting;
  • Put a check on voting rights violations;
  • Hold states and bad actors accountable; and
  • Create a democracy that is representative of all Americans.

We need you in this fight for the freedom to vote.