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Warrior for Democracy book in Florida Spotlight

Ann Patton | Published on 3/30/2022

Shown above l. to r.  Warriors for Democracy book (click to order), Author Ann Patton, former LWVOC President and LWVFL President Deidre McNab, current LWVOC President Cecile Scoon




Warriors for Democracy book in Florida spotlight



The Florida League of Women Voters turned its spotlight on LWVOC’s Warriors for Democracy book this week.


The LWVFL’s Women’s History Month  program highlighted Warriors stories of heroic women who led Orange County and Florida  The Zoom forum March 28 was shared by Leaguers from across the state.


Headliners included:


  • Cecile Scoon, LWVFL president, who presented the dramatic story of America’s fight for women’s rights over the past 200 years. The story shows that “As we fight for other people’s rights, we also strengthen our own voices and our own rights,” she said.


  • Deirdre Macnab, past president of both the LWVOC and the LWVFL who led the League into the New Millennium. “One of the most exciting things about the League is how we keep on fighting,” she said. “We may win a battle, then we pick right up on another cause, and it’s truly inspiring.”


  • LWVOC’s Ann Patton, Warriors for Democracy author, who told stories from that book about LWV trailblazers who helped bring Florida into the modern era, such as Ethel Melcher, Beth Johnson, Maxine Baker, and Linda Chapin. “One of the lessons of this story,” she said, “is that League work takes incredible measures of grit, guts, and grace over the very long haul. … Every action helps build the foundation for eventual success.”


A video recording of the program can be viewed at .   


To learn more about Warriors for Democracy, or to purchase a copy at newly reduced prices, see Storefront at