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Coming Soon

Published on 6/2/2022
As the sign says-coming soon! You may have noticed some changes at lately. The
digital branding and marketing experts at LaunchThat! are currently putting the finishing
touches on our new face to the world. We have studied pages from leagues across the country
and combined that with LaunchThat! expertise to come up with something completely new.

The new public homepage is designed for those are coming to learn more about us; be that
membership, voting information or how to donate. It is streamlined and simple to help visitors
get where they want to go. It is also designed to speak to a new digital audience in the way
they want to communicate.

You might say, but I love my homepage content! Not to worry, members will see more
traditional content after they log in.
In coming weeks, you will also see a revamped newsletter
which will help us to tell our story to members and non-members alike. We ask your patience
as we fine tune once the new products roll out. While it is different, we think you will like it
once you get to know that the content is there and more easily located in the sleeker new
format. All of these changes are designed to help us communicate better to a wider audience to
diversify our membership and expand our mission. We look forward to your feedback so feel
free to let Nicolette and I know what you think at or at our next chat
 12 pm Chat with Your Co-Presidents on Zoom - 6/9/2022.