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July 13 Hot Topics: Judicial Candidate Forum, 9th Circuit Court

Published on 6/17/2022

Register HERE: July 13 Hot Topics: Judicial Candidate Forum

At some point in each of our lives we are likely to be in court facing a judge.

  • Defending a traffic ticket
  • Witness to a car accident
  • Settling an estate matter
  • For divorce or custody
  • Maybe something awful, like a loved one was arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

In each of these cases, your life or that of your loved one, is in the balance, dependent on that judge. How will they rule? How will that ruling impact you and your family? For that moment, in your life, who that judge is matters – a lot. And, judicial elections matter – a lot.

For yourself and your family, come meet and hear our 9th Circuit Court Judicial Candidates. Make your vote count!