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Global Peace Film Festival

Nina Streich | Published on 9/15/2022
The 20th annual Global Peace Film Festival runs from September 20 - 25 with screenings in the Winter Park Library and at Rollins College.  The GPFF uses films as a catalyst to inspire and educate people to initiate positive change in their local communities and worldwide. As former LWVOC President Charley Williams has said, “The GPFF is like a week of Hot Topics.”

Highlight include “American River” about the Passaic River in New Jersey; “The Big Payback” about the tax-funded reparations bill in Evanston, IL; “My So-Called Selfish Life” about women’s bodily autonomy; and “Anonymous Sister” about the ravages of opioid addiction.

Information at The week of local screenings is followed by a week of virtual screenings from Sept. 26 - Oct. 2.