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Take Pride in Women's History, Celebrated in March

Adrienne Katz Katz | Published on 2/28/2023
Learn how far we've come--and how far we have to go!
Every woman today who has in her own name a job, a bank account, a credit card, a lease, a car, a mortgage, a diploma or a pension has these because she is standing on the shoulders of millions of women before her 
who fought for the right to vote and to gain these privileges.
Our grandmothers didn’t have these rights—the generations of women since the 1920s have continued to open doors, break glass ceilings and raise children who
now take these rights for granted! Women voting, being politically aware and involved is the only way women will retain these hard-won rights !
Did you know:
-- A woman ( Stephanie Kwolek) holds a patent for inventing Kevlar bullet-proof protection for our military and police?
 -- A woman (Hedy Lamarr) patented the technology for cell phones and a Black woman ophthalmologist patented the use of lasers in eye surgery (Dr. Patricia Bath?)
-- A woman invented COBOL, the international computer language (Rear Admiral Grace Hopper?)
--More than half of students becoming doctors, lawyers, accountants and vets are women? 
-- Women hold nearly two-thirds of the outstanding student debt, and receive less Social Security and pensions -- amounting to 70% of the retirement income that men have?
-- Women decide more than 85% of purchases in the US economy?
-- Women's unrecognized inventions and discoveries in medicine and science impact every aspect of our lives?
-- Women are paid an average of 82 cents for every dollar a man earns for the SAME job? (See the Lilly Ledbetter law that President Obama signed in 2009!)
-- Women die from many medical procedures and drug doses that are safe for men? Why? Because they were developed largely by men, using men for research!
 -- Same goes for airbags, seat belts and other safety equipment? A woman will die from a car accident that three men would survive!

Women have invented, discovered and created so many improvements to our lives—but women’s history that might inspire the women in our world, our daughters and granddaughters has not been taught. Inform yourselves!
March has been designated as Women's History Month! Celebrate by registering to vote, continue learning about issues that affect you and your community, supporting and voting for candidates who will represent your best interests. 
Joining and participating in the non-partisan League of Women Voters in your state is a great way to honor our foremothers and maintain the momentum of women's achievements. Our motto is "making democracy work!" 
Progress is like riding a bicycle--if you stop moving forward, you fall over! DO YOUR PART!