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LWV of UCF Rallies for Clean Water Act

Staff | Published on 4/5/2023

See them in action on YouTube

Members of The League of Women Voters of UCF rallied for the Right to Clean Water Act on Wednesday morning, dressed in all blue attire, holding signs and chanting as they marched.

The Right to Clean Water Act is a proposed amendment to Florida’s constitution to hold state agencies accountable for harm to Florida’s waters. According to Florida Right to Clean Water organization's official website, the amendment “clarifies prohibited actions and inactions that harm (or threaten to harm) waters” and allows citizens to sue state agencies if they break the amendment.

Katelin Hoveskeland, a first-year graduate student studying political science and president of League of Women Voters of UCF, said everyone deserves the fundamental right to clean water, just like the fundamental right to free speech and to bear arms.  

“It impacts everybody,” Hoveskeland said. “Not having a right to clean water is detrimental for future generations.”

Hoveskeland and Kylie Smith, a sophomore majoring in environmental studies and vice president of the club, founded the first college chapter of League of Women Voters this semester. They are focused on educating college students about voting, defending democracy and keeping political conversations going on campus, Smith said.

“If we could get all young people to vote and be a part of political conversations, then we could really get some good change going,” Smith said.