Get Involved with the League of Women Voters of Orange County

One of the easiest ways to become more engaged in the League of Women Voters of Orange County or LWVOC’s mission is to attend one of our popular Hot Topics luncheons, which are both social and educational events. You may also read our eVoter newsletter for a complete overview of the League’s most current events, programs, and legislative initiatives.

However, our work for the League is largely accomplished within committees. When you join, and become a LWVOC member we encourage you to become part of League committees, meeting other dedicated members and discovering unique ways you can help make a difference in our town and state.  Some committees address priority issues such as good government and natural resources. Others, such as communications and membership, help strengthen our organization and its efforts on behalf of voter education, health care reform and transportation.

Finally, if you want to do more as a member or simply as a concerned citizen, consider making a donation to support the many ongoing activities of the LWVOC. We look forward to your input.