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It's Time to Pass the DREAM Act

"While DACA is far from the comprehensive immigration reform we need, it has been a lifeline for promising young people who know no other country than America."  Read the complete opinion piece from Senator Tom Udall HERE

Need some basic facts to share as you discuss the immigration system in the US?  Immigration - Did You Know

Brain Gain
48% of immigrants to US 2011-2015 were college graduates….compared to 31% of US born adults

One in 2 of immigrant college grads is from Asia

Latin Americas are the 2nd largest group of highly skilled immigrants

In the rust belt areas like Michigan and Ohio 59-63% of recent immigrants had a bachelor degree
but 27# of native born were college graduates

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals started in 2012 with by 2016 66% of the immediately
eligible had applied, 752,154 were approved 7% denied as of 8/2016.

Top states for application for DACA were California 27%,Texas 16%,NY and Illinois 5# each with
FLORIDA at 4#. Florida had 5# in renewals.

Between October 2016 and January 2017 the US Border Patrol apprehended 25,694
unaccompanied children and 54,147 family units 93% were from Mexico, Guatamala,
El Salvador, and Honduras.