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The first step in improving housing stability is to advocate for the state to fully fund the housing programs with the dedicated funding stream created from the Sadowski Act and stop the legislature from sweeping these funds to fill gaps in the budget. These funds will provide quality affordable housing to our citizens and provide economic impact to our community through job creation and leveraged private funding. 

We welcome your interest and encourage your participation.  

JOIN US HERE Affordable Housing & Quality of Life

Committee Chairperson Kimberlee Riley

SAVE THE DATE:  May 10, 5:30 - 6:30 PM

                                                         Inaugural Committee Meeting
                                      Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce Conference Room 3rd Floor
                                      75 S Ivanhoe Blvd
                                      Orlando, FL 32804
                                      Please join us as we determine our focus/agenda for 2017.

Action Plans for our Committee

  1. Ensure that every Orange County citizen has access to quality, affordable housing by working with state and local jurisdictions and organizations to increase the number of affordable apartment and single-family homes to meet the needs of our population.
    1. Advocate for full funding of Florida’s Sadowski Funds.
      1. Work with the Sadowski Coalition, a nonpartisan statewide organization, to urge the Florida Legislature annually to use all of Florida’s housing trust fund monies for Florida’s Housing Programs.
    2. Work with local jurisdictions on planning and zoning to ensure adequate affordable housing options for citizens.
  2. Work with our LWVOC Transportation Committee to advocate for increased public transportation accessibility for our low income families and individuals.
  3. Support the work of LWVOC Health Care Committee to ensure that all Florida citizens have affordable healthcare.

Affordable Housing Facts

Sadowski Funds

Our committee is advocating for full funding for Florida’s affordable housing programs from the existing Sadowski Funds.

  • The Sadowski Act passed in 1992, creating a dedicated revenue source to fund Florida’s affordable housing programs.
  • Doc stamp tax paid on all real estate transactions was increased in 1992 and those monies were dedicated to the state and local housing trust funds. These funds provide for our state SHIP and SAIL programs which are distributed to local jurisdictions and are flexible to meet local needs. These programs impact the extremely low income in our community, including homeless, to moderate income workforce.
    • 70% of monies to the Local Government Housing Trust Fund is for the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program which funds housing programs in all 67 counties and larger cities.  Some examples of how SHIP funds can be used locally:
      • rehab/renovate existing housing to allow seniors to age in place or to provide retrofitting for persons with special needs.
      • provide first-time home ownership with down payment and closing cost assistance
    • 30% of monies to the State Housing Trust Fund is for Florida Housing Finance Corporation programs such as the State Apartment Incentive Loan (SAIL) program. Some examples of how SAIL funds can be used locally:
      • rehab existing apartments in dire need of repair
      • build new units where needed
  • The SHIP and SAIL funding are highly leveraged with private sector loans and equity providing $4 to $6 for every $1 of state funding.

General Affordable Housing Information

  • Quality affordable housing increases property values.  Wall Street Journal Nov 2016 article link:
  • Quality affordable housing provides local economic impact with jobs and sales of construction materials.  At full funding, these monies would provide 28.700 jobs and $2.78 billion in economic impact throughout the state (based on the estimated doc stamp projection from Dec 2016 which would provide $292.37 million housing trust funds)
  • 2016 Regional Rental Affordability Statistics from the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC)
    • Rent affordable at 30% of Average Median Income (30% is recommended to avoid being house cost burdened which doesn’t allow you to afford other needs such as utilities, healthcare, etc) -- $434
    • Fair Market Rent: 1 Bedroom - $835   2-Bedroom - $1003      
  • 2016 Florida State Housing Profile from NLIHC shows more than 392,000 deficit of affordable units needed for our population.


Actions to take: