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NPV, National Popular Vote Becomes League Priority

Published on 7/27/2022

During the opening for the LWVUS biennial convention, in June 2022, League President, Dr. Deborah Turner made an announcement that LWVUS would be expending effort and resources toward a Constitutional Amendment to Abolish the Electoral College.  So, WAIT…what???…. what about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact that weve all been working on?  Well…. very good news….

 LWVFL took a leading role at the convention in expanding the LWVUS program by making a motion to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). We now have NPV as a national LWV priority, as stated in the US Leagues 2022-2023 Program, Direct election of the President by popular vote.”  As our Florida League President Cecile Scoon said in her July 5th “The Florida Voter,” That means the powerful efforts of LWVUS and many of the Leagues across our nation will also be concentrated on passing … NPV. …we can harness the energy …to make every vote count which the NPV will do. This will work against the corrosive effects of voter suppression and harmful gerrymandering.

Second, Floridians will continue to work to make every vote count, which the NPV will do, AND 

, this integrates both NPV and the Abolition of the Electoral College by Constitutional Amendment as priorities for the League. 

Think of it as a two-phase process. A short term and a long-term (moonshot”) goal. 

  1. Phase One:  Pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
    1. NPVIC has already been enacted by 15 states and DC with 195 electoral votes.  It needs an additional 75 electoral votes to go into effect.
    2. Passing NPVIC will allow for the concept of “every vote equal” and allow the candidate with the most votes nationally, to become President, without changing the Constitution or abolishing the Electoral College.
  2. Phase Two:  Abolish the Electoral College by Constitutional Amendment
    1. This “moonshot” goal of the National League is something we can all get involved in.   
    2. When passed, “every vote equal” will be the law of the land, and it will supersede the need for the NPVIC.  The candidate with the most votes nationally will become president.